Regenerative Impact Ventures (RIV) is a global advisory, development, and finance agency bringing solutions and support to meet accelerating global development challenges.

OUR MISSION is to validate, commercialize, and scale regenerative development solutions that reverse climate change and biodiversity loss and lead to more productive, resilient, and healthy communities and landscapes.

OUR OBJECTIVE is to be the global leading DBFO (design-build-finance-operate) firm that empowers communities and regions to harness their regenerative potential through smart, distributed, integrated, circular, and nature-based planning solutions

We support our mission and objective by offering a vertically integrated suite of services across four complimentary divisions:

Accelerating Global Development Challenges

> 80% of wastewater is discharged without treatment

< 20% of solid waste is usefully recovered*

*composted or recycled

89% of primary energy comes from non-renewable sources

> 26% of the world’s population is food insecure

By 2040, the global population is projected to increase by 1.4 billion people, with much of this growth occurring in unplanned urban settlements. Were we to provide 100% resource capture and basic service coverage (wastewater and solid waste) to this future population of 9.2B, we would need nearly 6X the current treatment capacity.

This poses an overwhelming public investment burden that will be further exacerbated by expanding funding gaps, socio-economic fragmentation, aging legacy infrastructure systems, and accelerating climate change.


How can cities, regions, and governments meet future demands if they struggle to do so today? 

Our Regenerative Framework – Beyond Sustainability

RIV is advancing a Climate-Positive approach to community, land use, and economic development. Key principles that guide our approach include:

Systemic & Integrated. We analyze issues holistically and leverage synergies across systems to reduce costs and enhance value creation.

Adaptive & Distributed. We promote agile, distributed, and modular solutions and adapt them to unique cultural and ecological conditions.

Circular & Metabolic. We identify ways to transform waste into renewable assets by managing materials, nutrients, and water within circular metabolic processes. 

Data-Driven & Evidence-Based. We utilize science, data, and evidence-based validation mechanisms to ensure projects are accurate and accountable.

Regenerative & Net Positive. We strive to not only reduce and eliminate adverse development impacts (net negative, net zero), but to actively generate Net Positive impacts that enrich, restore, and regenerate the productive capacities of underlying support systems.



Global Leadership

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Jan David Mueller-Vollmer

Lead, Project Structuring & Finance


Jan has over 25 years of experience piloting, scaling, and commercializing novel approaches to circularity in public and commercial operations. He has expertise in sustainable infrastructure and green/blue program development, utility design and performance improvement, innovative finance and investment structuring, and market validation.


Joshua Foss

Lead, Collaborative Design


Joshua is an accomplished strategist, planner, and thought leader shaping the future of global regenerative city, circular economy, and resiliency movements. He has expertise in ‘net positive’ design and development, integrated utility system planning, green building, urban strategy and placemaking, corporate sustainability, and marketing.

Southeast Asia


Omeaga Dissanayaka

Ms. Dissanayake is a sanitation engineer & environmental health specialist has who been responsible for evaluating, monitoring, and implementing WSS infrastructure projects for RIV since 2012.  She also teaches at the Open University of Sri Lanka and is an Associate Member of the Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka.


Rangit Warusamana

Mr. Warusamana has served as team leader in managing RIV’s projects in Sri Lanka for over 8 years, which include the World Bank funded Pilot for the Increase of Household Access to Domestic Sanitation in Greater Colombo. He is the former Assistant General Manager of the National Water Supply and Drainage Board and is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka.

Mr Phuc

Phan Vinh Phuc

Mr. Phuc is a Water, Sanitation, and Environmental Infrastructure Engineer with over 25 years of experience managing a variety of projects at the Vietnam Water, Sanitation & Environment Corporation (VIWASE) where at various times he headed the Water Section as well as the Engineering & Design Department. He has been working with RIV in Vietnam since 2009.