Integrated Utilities &
Basic Service Provision

Regenerative Utility Center Design & Development

RIV designs and coordinates the development of Regenerative Utility Centers™ (RUC), next-generation circular economy solutions that power resilient and resource secure community developments. The RUC functions as a decentralized metabolic engine that transforms municipal liabilities (solid and liquid waste) into valuable assets for local use: repurposed water, renewable energy, nutrient-rich fertilizer, fresh food, and high-purity reclaimed materials. 

Regenerative Utility Network Design & Development

The RUC model becomes truly transformative when utilized as an anchor strategy within a Regenerative Utility Network (RUN), which coordinates local and regional RUCs with other enterprises of all sizes. These might include independent power producers and storage/transmission plants, commercial/industrial facilities, large complexes such as universities, commercial centers, and agricultural producers. 

Water Supply

Solid Waste Management

Basic Service Provision

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