Integrated Utility Modeling for Informal Settlements in Cape Town


Cape Town, South Africa


City of Cape Town




  • Regenerative Utility Center
  • Basic service provision


  • Solution Scenario Modeling
  • Feasibility and Design


RIV was invited by the City of Cape Town’s Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading (VPUU) program to examine the potential role a network of Regenerative Utility Centers could play in addressing Cape Town’s critical infrastructure challenges, which include depleting water supply, hygienic waste and sanitary infrastructure, reliable power, basic IT services, and annual flooding.

Through a series of meetings with key government and civic leaders, as well as tours of townships and informal settlements within the Cape Flats area, RIV helped the city recognize that integrated and decentralized utility systems could be a valuable solution to help reduce municipal burdens and improve service delivery to marginalized communities.

To test feasibility and preliminary costs, RIV modeled an RUC that could be fit within standard shipping containers for ease of siting and reduced cost, and determined it could be economically viable for local rates and conditions.